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Product news October 22

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Product news October 22

Natural Nordic iron 

Nordic blueberries are the source of bioavailable iron in BlueIron, a new supplement from Lanes Health. The company says the micro-encapsulated form of iron is easily absorbed and gentle on the stomach, with a single dose providing the full recommended reference intake of iron for renewed energy, focus and vitality. BlueIron (250ml, £16) contains added vitamins, combined with Nordic blueberry concentrate for a great flavour, avoiding the unpleasant taste and side-effects often associated with iron products, says Lanes. It is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and includes no artificial colours.

Inhaler helps curb the craving

The GO2 inhaler stick has been created as a tool to help quit smoking. The stick contains an essential oil blend of Tobacco Absolute and Black Pepper. Murrays Health and Beauty says molecules from the essential oil blend ‘trick’ the brain into thinking it’s had its fix and that the craving has been curbed. Nicotine-free. Information from

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