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How to recruit employees

The recruitment process is one of vital importance to any business, how do you go about it?

This CPD module is about recruiting employees. It will cover the recruitment process and what steps a business can take to make sure that the best candidates in the process are recruited.

It is important to ensure that the right recruitment procedures are in place when hiring


To learn how to recruit the best people for your pharmacy.


  • Considered the need for a full job description and person specification before starting any recruitment
  • Looked at key points for avoiding common problems with advertising, interviewing, selection and job offers
  • Reviewed your employment process and adjusted it, if necessary.


Lindsay Connolly is an associate in employment law at law firm Eversheds LLP.

About this module

Pharmacy needs strong managers, effective leaders and people with the right skills to drive the profession forward. With this in mind, P3 Business CPD modules are written as practical learning tools for use by anyone in the pharmacy team.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a statutory requirement for pharmacists. Completion of the module will contribute to the nine pieces of CPD that must be recorded in a year, as stipulated by the GPhC.

Record your learning and how you applied it in your practice using the action and evaluation record at the end of this module, which will then be stored in your personal learning log. You must be registered on the website to do this.