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Children depend on adults when it comes to pain assessment, prevention and treatment.1
You can help caregivers choose the most suitable treatment for acute pain in a child.

REMEMBER: “The inability to communicate verbally does not negate the possibility that an individual (child) is experiencing pain and is in need of appropriate pain-relieving treatment.”2

Therefore, it is important to explore non-verbal signs and symptoms to assess a child’s needs.

This module focuses on treatment recommendations for acute pain occasions in children.
On completion, you will:

  • Understand the role of ibuprofen in the management of pain and fever in children
  • Be able to discuss the advantages of ibuprofen over paracetamol in pain and fever management
  • Be confident to recommend an appropriate treatment for common acute child pain occasions
  • Understand the safety, efficacy and tolerability profile of ibuprofen to enable you to make appropriate recommendations in common pain conditions

Essential information and information on adverse event reporting is available at the end of the module.

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