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New EHC brand LoviOne to hit pharmacy shelves this autumn


New EHC brand LoviOne to hit pharmacy shelves this autumn

The makers of a new branded levonorgestrel-based emergency hormonal contraception product say they hope to “improve access” to EHC through a focus on community pharmacy distribution.

Maxwellia is to launch its new EHC product LoviOne on pharmacy shelves this autumn with an RRP of £12.99, saying it hopes to address the “significant price gap between branded EHC products and the generic alternatives that are available to buy over the counter”.

Maxwellia CEO Anna Maxwell said: “We wanted to introduce an emergency contraceptive pill that provides the reassurance of a brand at a price that is accessible for most women.

“EHC is often a distress purchase, women do not need the added barrier of cost when considering their options.” 

The company, which launched the branded contraceptive pill Lovima following a POM to P switch in 2021, said it wishes to highlight the ongoing need for awareness around effective contraception options. 

Ms Maxwell said: “With unplanned pregnancy an ongoing challenge in the UK, more needs to be done to help women understand the options available to them following unprotected sex.

“As a branded pharmacy medicine, the launch of LoviOne will help to raise awareness of the emergency contraception options available.

"LoviOne is 99. per cent effective when taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex and 84 per cent effective up to 72 hours."

Maxwellia senior brand manager Kim Wathall said: “We have produced a range of point-of-sale to help build awareness of the brand in pharmacies, including window posters, dummy packs and counter display units, along with materials to help assist the consultation process.”

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