Feedback as a workplace tool


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  • Feedback is always true
  • The behaviour gap
  • Receiving feedback
  • Giving feedback
  • Use three statements
  • Use as a motivator
  • Tips for giving feedback
  • Action & Evaluation


This CPD module is about giving and receiving feedback effectively in the workplace. It will consider how positively delivered, well-structured feedback can improve staff performance and relationships in your pharmacy.

People should not feel that feedback is something that is 'done to them' 


  • To understand the benefits of giving and receiving feedback as a means of changing negative behaviour in a business.


  • Recognise that feedback always has value
  • Learn techniques for giving feedback, choosing your approach, the time and situation appropriately
  • Appreciate why it is important to receive feedback and how to act on it
  • Decide who you might need to give feedback to.

Contributing author:

Liam Stapleton BSc Pharm (Hons), PG Dip Public Health, Health Promotion, independent consultant at Metaphor Development and pharmacy superintendent.

About this module

Pharmacy needs strong managers, effective leaders and people with the right skills to drive the profession forward. With this in mind, P3 Business CPD modules are written as practical learning tools for use by anyone in the pharmacy team.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a statutory requirement for pharmacists. Completion of the module will contribute to the nine pieces of CPD that must be recorded in a year, as stipulated by the GPhC.

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