Becoming a mentor


  • Becoming a mentor
  • Becoming a mentor
  • What mentoring is not
  • Guidelines
  • Actvity 1
  • A typical mentoring session
  • Benefits of mentoring
  • Activity 2
  • Who needs a mentor?
  • Something to get involved with?
  • Action & Evaluation

Becoming a mentor

Community pharmacists have busy working lives that leave precious little time to discuss professional challenges, opportunities for development and career goals during the working day. Do you ever get the opportunity to talk about your own career, role and future aspirations as a one-to-one with someone whose opinion you respect?

After reading this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand how mentoring can support both your development as a healthcare professional and that of those whom you mentor
  • Structure a mentoring session to obtain maximum benefit from the process
  • Access a range of additional resources and sources of support for your ongoing development as a mentor and manager.