A digital subscription service for Viagra Connect in the UK – named ‘Eddie’ – has been launched by Well Pharmacy.

Well Pharmacy's "Eddie" service

The service, with the strapline ‘Viagra Connect delivered discreetly to your door’, offers men with erectile dysfunction a “hassle-free” and “discreet” online subscription service without a prescription, said the company.

“We want to offer our customers a choice and provide the best customer experience for them,” commented Dan Sheldon, head of digital at Well. “Eddie is a friendly, convenient, quick, embarrassment-free way for our customers to get the treatment they need.”

The service is accessed through the geteddie.co.uk website. Customers have the option to buy single packs or sign up to a monthly subscription service, with a maximum order of two packs of eight tablets per month.

“The added benefit of a subscription is that men do not have to be constantly reminded about a condition that may have negatively impacted their lives for years, but can now just focus on the positive impact of effective treatment,” added Mr Sheldon.


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