VIAGRA CONNECT: Key knowledge update

Update your knowledge of erection problemswith key learning updates from recent research


Since the launch of VIAGRA CONNECT® into pharmacy, new research has identified some key areas in patient consultations where pharmacists need a knowledge update.

For example, consider the following:

  • Can you supply VIAGRA CONNECT to an otherwise eligible man who had a heart attack 8 months ago?
  • Should you refer a man to his GP if he has come to you reporting of a headache since taking VIAGRA CONNECT?

The answers to these questions are in the following video. Watch now to find out more.


Did you know?

Pharmacy has already enabled over 1 million men in the UK to take action on their erection problems through the supply of VIAGRA CONNECT1, showing its vital role in supporting their health and wellbeing. With an estimated 4.3 million2 men in the UK affected by erection problems, there is still a considerable opportunity for you to do more.

Many different lifestyle and health factors can contribute to erection problems (EPs), and the range of men affected is broader than you might think. Click next to test your learning and find out how to access our suite of learning resources to help both you and your team to help men get the most out of their lives.

Product information available at the end of the video

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