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Look differently at the supervision debate

There are other priorities to be tackled before any proposed changes to supervision, suggests Noel Wicks Supervision seems to be the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. The debate was re-ignited recently by the letter from a group of RPS members to the President-elect stating that supporting the removal of the need for a pharmacist in a pharmacy would be a betrayal of its members. This thorny issue has been sat with the Department of Health’s rebalancing board for the last four years with many views expressed both for and against changes to supervision rules. The Department set itself the task of looking at supervision because it believes that current legislation restricts the full use of the skill of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and puts unnecessary obstacles in the way of new models of service delivery. Are they right? Do we actually need more flexibility in service provision?

In a happy workplace? Keep up team morale

Pharmacies are busy and workload looks set to increase. So how do you maintain staff morale?

The future for pharmacy is about working as a team

Don’t worry alone about what’s ahead. Discuss what can be done in the pharmacy as a group, says Noel Wicks There are going to be some tough times and some tough decisions ahead for community pharmacy contractors in England. The recent proposals from the Department of Health couldn’t come at a worse time. The National Living Wage and employers’ pension contributions are adding financial pressure to a service that has already saved the NHS billions of pounds through Category M. It may be well into 2017 before the real damage of the DH cuts start to tell on businesses, but starting a conversation now with your team about the challenges ahead could be a prudent course of action.