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Big drop in pre-registration assessment pass rate

The GPhC has announced the results from the June registration assessment, with the pass rate falling dramatically

A better pre-registration year experience for all

Scotland’s approach to pre-registration training has been a good one, says Noel Wicks For pharmacists reading this, you will no doubt, like me, look back on the memories of your pre-registration training year through a rather substantial pair of rose-tinted spectacles. Undoubtedly, you were then a model student who turned up each day with a burning desire to deliver the highest possible levels of pharmaceutical care. You most certainly won’t have gone through the labelled prescriptions to pick out the easiest ones. There would have been no bunking off to the store room for a five-minute skive and, of course, you wouldn’t have had too much wine at the Christmas party and been sent home early for your own good.  

Over 10% of pre-reg trainees not happy with their training

“We hope that these results will inform ongoing discussions about pre-registration training," said Duncan Rudkin

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