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Well done, but keep going

The last two years have set a positive tone, but there are mixed signals as England heads towards a contract negotiation

A solution (or two)

For December's 'sustainability' theme, Outsider wrote on a refurbished machine powered by the finest eco-certified green electricity 

Impressive, but...

Community flu jab services are booming, but has anyone in Whitehall noticed? And if so, do they care?

Good getting better, poor getting worse

Autumn days. When the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell...

Run, Forrest, run

In the height of Summer, it’s easy to be stumped for something to write about. So Outsider’s been watching some sport for inspiration

Tick tock, ring ring

[Interior] Writer's garret, Paris. Rear stage left, a grandfather clock. Front stage right, a spartan desk on which, next to the typewriter, a Bakelite telephone

The fox, the chicken and a bag of ennui

Our anonymous correspondent lifts the lid on vaccination roll out, senses danger in the ICS farmyard and has a recommendation for the pharmacists’ book club

Big wheels turnin'

Roll over Beethoven: pharmacy's musical maestro is at it again

Crisis, what crisis?

So Matt Hancock has published his White Paper for health and social care reform. What do you think of the fruits of his labour?

Roses are red, Outsider is blue

February may be the shortest month, but our anonymous correspondent has plenty going on to have a pop at

Roll up, roll up...

Step right this way. 2021 is here an what a year it will be. Hang on, I meant that as a question

Ho, oh, no

Outsider’s been good this year, so there’s lots on his Christmas wish list. He just needs a pharmacy Santa to deliver

Back in time

Outsider asks whether the clocks will also go back on the progress of community pharmacy this winter.  

There for the taking

Outsider is impressed by the flying start to the flu vaccination season (with one exception)...

Enter stage left

Our correspondent finds the perfect theatrical analogy for what's happening with flu vaccines. Will pharmacy pass the audition?

Baby. Bath water. Don't

Our anonymous correspondent agrees with Professor David Wright. It’s time to embrace change.

Postponed exam leaves questions

Outsider has sympathy with pre-reg students and tutors alike, as the GPhC decides against holding a registration exam any time soon.

Do, or be done to

Lessons for the post-Covid world lie in how the essentials of pharmacy perform during the lockdown

Clapping solves nothing

Only one topic this month. P3pharmacy's anonymous correspondent, Outsider, has gone viral.

Adventure of the second letter

Our anonymous correspondent takes a look at the contract announcement in England and makes some deductions of his own

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