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Get on board the digital train

Bedminster Pharmacy’s Ade Williams has a novel suggestion for some busman’s holiday reading this Summer

LPCs focus on workforce for PCNs

Skills development must sit alongside managing variation and simplifying service operations as primary care networks emerge, says Cheshire & Wirral LPC's Adam Irvine

Embracing tech is more than smart

John Pignone, commercial director at Alliance Healthcare, assesses the benefits of digital 

More like this please

Keeping on top of an ever increasing workload is hard enough, but the idiosyncrasies of supply are worlds apart from those experienced 10 years ago 

Leave our pharmacists where they belong

Lindsay & Gilmour md Phil Galt sees the potential for unintended consequences as pharmacists’ NHS stock rises

It's getting serious

Our anonymous community pharmacy correspondent is concerned about the impact of Brexit on patient access to medicines, and not just in the short term

When Saturday comes

Dateline: Saturday. Location: London. Objective: Disruption. And there’s no place to hide in an Xchangeathon. 

Charting a course in uncertain times

Ade Williams draws inspiration from his reading in finding a way forward for Bedminster Pharmacy

Time to be brave and bold

Chris Martin, Alliance Healthcare non-executive advisor, finds future prospects brought into sharp focus by celebrations closer to home