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Right size implementation to build the case for spread

Dr Farzana Hussain says starting small and building on success can be crucial to changing practice in primary care. Her example: implementing the CPCS

The Covid diaries

My partner, who works in the business, has tested positive...

A diamond in the rough

Ade Williams says it's easy to overlook the value of something that's right in front of you. Like self care

In retrospect

Twenty odd years ago, Terry Maguire outlined a path to success in Northern Ireland. But, he says, today's reality isn't quite what he'd hoped for. 

CBD: educated, coerced, bullied or brainwashed?

Terry Magire recounts a conversation which suggests there's a way to go for CBD suppliers to convince him

Solving a Greek riddle

Community pharmacist Ade Williams wonders whether things would be different had we paid more attention in 2010.

For independents or independence?

Lindsey Fairbrother asks whether hub and spoke is a 'nice to have' or an essential part of an independent future?

Choice key to smoking cessation wins

Darush Attar-Zadeh says pharmacy and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) continue to play a strong role alongside vaping and e-cigarettes

Why is mindset and leadership so important?

Leadership is more important than ever and it's time to make a change, says pharmacy manager Mital Thakrar

Deal done, work starts

After the five year agreement, the real work starts. Time to learn the lessons of the past.

Does Wales shine brightest?

Alliance Healthcare non-executive advisor Chris Martin asks if Wales is the best place in Britain to own a community pharmacy 

Contract: seize the opportunities

Dorset contractor Mike Hewitson assesses the new contract framework and suggests developments for the future

Get on board the digital train

Bedminster Pharmacy’s Ade Williams has a novel suggestion for some busman’s holiday reading this Summer

A lot to be proud of

Alliance Healthcare's Mike Smith is in an upbeat mood. He's been out in the garden

LPCs focus on workforce for PCNs

Skills development must sit alongside managing variation and simplifying service operations as primary care networks emerge, says Cheshire & Wirral LPC's Adam Irvine

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Alliance Healthcare's Mike Smith finds positives to celebrate in tough times

Embracing tech is more than smart

John Pignone, commercial director at Alliance Healthcare, assesses the benefits of digital 

More like this please

Keeping on top of an ever increasing workload is hard enough, but the idiosyncrasies of supply are worlds apart from those experienced 10 years ago 

Leave our pharmacists where they belong

Lindsay & Gilmour md Phil Galt sees the potential for unintended consequences as pharmacists’ NHS stock rises

It's getting serious

Our anonymous community pharmacy correspondent is concerned about the impact of Brexit on patient access to medicines, and not just in the short term

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