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Advising on Motion Sickness

Watch this short video to learn about motion sickness and the appropriate product recommendations you can give to customers

Advising on motion sickness

Motion sickness is common and can be an unpleasant1 and potentially disabling problem.Children and women are more susceptible to experiencing motion sickness than men.3,4 

You may see more customers asking for advice on the prevention of motion sickness as we move towards the holiday season. This module will enable you to assist these customers.


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After completing this module, you will:

  • Understand the signs and symptoms of motion sickness and what causes it
  • Be able to advise customers on how to prevent motion sickness
  • Know how hyoscine hydrobromide works to prevent symptoms.

Product information and details on adverse event reporting are available at the end of the module.  

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Date of preparation: March 2023

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