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Building sales

Want to avoid cold and flu this winter

when they come into the pharmacy to buy face masks or get their flu jab  

Are seeking natural wellness products to try and avoid illness

when their children are back at school in the autumn/winter 

Are concerned about existing symptoms of cold and flu

Offer as an alternative to medicated cold and flu products, or sell alongside

Are regularly buying vitamins and supplements

in the interest of boosting their natural immunity

What to recommend

100% seawater (isotonic solution) to help eliminate viruses, bacteria and allergens by washing out the nasal cavities to protect against colds, flu and allergic rhinitis.

An isotonic solution refers to a solution with the same concentration than another solution across a semi-permeable membrane.  It means that fluid will not be drawn from one solution to the other.  In this case, it means that the nasal cells in contact with the solution will not shrink nor swell.4

100% seawater (hypertonic solution) to help relieve congestion by washing out nasal cavities. On top of washing away germs, dust and other allergens, BecoCleanse Plus also provides relief of cold, sinusitis and allergies. It provides both nasal cleansing and congestion relief. 


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