Managing heartburn and indigestion in the pharmacy

Learn how to identify and help customers manage heartburn and indigestion, from recommending the right products to ease symptoms, to self-care advice and identifying red flags for referral

10-minute module


Heartburn and indigestion are common conditions seen in pharmacy, especially since they have been identified as self-limiting conditions that are suitable for self-care.

This module will explain when to recommend PPIs and how customers can receive the greatest benefits from them, including when to use PPIs in combination with other heartburn products to tackle breakthrough symptoms.

It will also help you to understand customers’ symptoms better in order to give the best possible lifestyle advice, and know when to refer customers to their GP.



On completing this module you will:

  • Understand how to identify and manage acute symptoms of dyspepsia in the pharmacy and when to refer
  • Be aware of the comparative effectiveness of OTC options for treating these symptoms
  • Recognise when it may be appropriate to use more than one product
  • Understand when and how to recommend products

REVALIDATION: Pharmacy professionals can use this CPD as one of their revalidation records, and record how this learning benefited their pharmacy customers.

Product information is available at the end of the module

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