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New video highlights challenges faced by young carers.

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New video highlights challenges faced by young carers.

A new video launched today (31st January), Young Adult Carers and Pharmacy Support, looks at how community pharmacies can help identify and support young adult carers with the medicines they collect and help administer.

The video has been launched by Rosemont Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with Carer Leads in Surrey Heartlands and features two young carers’ stories.

One interviewee has been a carer for most of her life, but didn't realise the repsonsibility she had until she was around 10. 

The other has an older brother with Down's syndrome, and carries a lot of responsibilty for his medicines.

There are around 400,000 young carers in the UK aged between 16-25. Penny Woodgate of Community Pharmacy Surrey and Sussex says that being a young carer solely responsible for a loved one’s medicine intake – which can involve collecting and giving medicines, as well as helping with any problems – is “really challenging” and a “huge responsibility” especially when combined with work or schooling.

James Wood (Chief Executive, Community Pharmacy Surrey & Sussex) commented: ‘we were delighted to be involved with the production of this much needed video. It highlights the extensive support that community pharmacies are so well placed to offer young adult carers. We hope it will help carers across the country ask pharmacists for the help they need, when they have responsibility for medicines.’

The release coincides with Young Carer’s Awareness Day on the 31 January, this year's focus is on caring for people with mental health issues.


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