Rowlands Pharmacy and charity the UK Sepsis Trust have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the condition, including a staff training initiative.

Throughout November, around 1,500 customer-facing Rowlands staff are completing a course on identifying early signs of sepsis and providing advice to patients. Rowlands Pharmacy branches will also display awareness posters and hand out information leaflets, as well as raising funds for the charity.

A pharmacist working at the Liverpool branch of Rowlands Pharmacy said: “Every day we have lots of interactions with patients, some of whome may show symptoms of sepsis or who ask for advice if they are concerned.”

Dr Ron Daniels BEM, chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, said: “Sepsis has a devastating human cost. Every day in the UK, individuals and families have their lives torn apart by the condition, but better public awareness and education for healthcare professionals could save thousands of lives each year.

“It’s supporters like Rowlands Pharmacy that help us continue the fight against sepsis. Such a far-reaching campaign will do the crucial job of educating members of the public of all ages, so that they seek medical attention urgently when they spot the condition. We need clinicians and members of the public across the UK to Just Ask: could it be sepsis?”


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