P3 Pharmacy

26 Jun 2014




  1. The majority of your customers are women. So how can you grow this already established category?

  2. Some 60,000 adults in the UK have liver disease, yet almost 75 per cent of these don’t know they are affected

  3. Still getting your head around the GPhC’s new system for revalidation? Here are 10 things you might not know…

  4. This module introduces mentoring as a concept and describes its importance as an effective way of supporting learning

  5. Leaving the EU without agreed systems for collaboration on alerts for emerging infectious diseases, for example, could be a threat to public health

  6. Pharmacists need to be prepared for the roll-out of OTC precribing restrictions

  7. When a mistake occurs in a pharmacy it has the potential to become serious if not caught quickly

  8. New guidance sets out what pharmacy owners are expected to do to ensure a safe and effective pharmacy team

  9. With an ageing population and growing life expectancy, more people are finding themselves responsible for caring and managing the health and wellbeing of someone close to them

  10. Growing your business in a changing market is about bringing benefits to your customers, says pharmacy retail specialists RPS Ltd