Brand insight: P3 December 2017

Product Update

Brand insight: P3 December 2017

Digestive health



Nexium Control is available in a mini capsule format. The capsules are 53 per cent smaller in volume than standard Nexium Control tablets, making them easier to swallow for those suffering with oesophageal discomfort caused by acid reflux, says the brand.1 Kristie Sourial, at Nexium Control said: “Pfizer is proud to offer a new smaller capsule format for Nexium Control, providing a wider variety of OTC treatments for pharmacy teams to offer patients with heartburn. Nexium Control was reclassified from its prescription parent in 2015 to help answer the needs of frequent heartburn sufferers, providing greater access to clinically effective PPI treatment without the need to see a GP unless symptoms persist.”

1. Last accessed September 2017

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Lepicol is a multi-fibre source product containing gentle psyllium husk, which contributes to maintaining normal bowel transit, with inulin – both of which can help ensure a recommended daily intake of fibre – plus five strains of live bacteria (probiotic) that are naturally present in a healthy person’s digestive system. Lepicol is available in capsules or powder format and also comes in a slimline ‘on the go’ packet containing 14 x 5g sachets. Lepicol Plus+ has the addition of digestive enzymes. Lepicol can be used alongside antibiotics and when travelling.



Christmas can be a troubling time for heartburn and indigestion sufferers, as some festive foods can trigger digestive problems. Marketing activity around the Christmas period will showcase Gaviscon Double Action, the brand’s hero product range, offering relief from both heartburn and indigestion that is said to last up to twice as long as antacids. The formulation works in two ways: it contains sodium alginate which forms a protective barrier on top of the stomach contents to help prevent reflux and an antacid to neutralise stomach acid relieving indigestion. The range includes tablets, liquids and sachets.

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Smoking cessation


Around seven million people will make a New Year’s resolution and quitting smoking is top of many people’s list. NiQuitin is looking to support pharmacies and pharmacists during this peak time. A £2 million media campaign will run through the peak ‘New Year, New You’ period, with seven weeks of TV advertising supported by a digital campaign including targeted social media adverts. Combining NiQuitin’s 21mg clear patch with one of NiQuitin’s oral formats – minis, lozenge or gum – can improve a smoker’s chances of quitting versus using a patch alone, says the brand. NiQuitin clear patch provides 24-hour craving relief and NiQuitin minis, lozenge and gum help smokers combat cravings.



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