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The hazards of the Christmas season...


The hazards of the Christmas season...

The hazards of the Christmas season have been highlighted in a light-hearted look at national statistics released by NHS Digital

Alcohol contributed to over a million hospital admissions in 2014/15. Find out more

The statistics also show that nearly 29 million people in Great Britain report drinking alcohol in the previous week – 58 per cent of the population.

In 2015/16 there were 12,672 hospital admissions for food poisoning. Find out more

Falls involving ice and snow caused 1,153 admissions to hospital in 2015/16.          Find out more

And 436 admissions to hospital in 2015/16 were caused by “contact with plant thorns, spines and sharp leaves”, showing the potential dangers of holly and the Christmas tree. Find out more

Remind people that the holidays are a time to relax, suggests NHS Digital. In 2015/16 12,523 hospital admissions were caused by overexertion, up 11,961 from the previous year. Find out more

Here’s to a safe and event-free holiday period for UK community pharmacies and your patients and customers.



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