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PV welcomes proposed changes to supervision of trainee PIPs

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PV welcomes proposed changes to supervision of trainee PIPs

Pharmacy Voice has issued a statement welcoming the GPhC’s proposed changes to the supervision requirements of trainee Pharmacist Independent Prescribers (PIPs). Under these changes, which were put forward in a discussion paper last November, supervision rights would be extended to experienced non-medical independent prescribers.

Pharmacy Voice said that it “makes sense” for trainees “to be supervised by other PIPs who are already working in the role” and that it agrees with the GPhC that “supervision capacity needs to increase to allow pharmacist independent prescribing courses to grow to meet service demands.”

It adds that this will make it easier for greater numbers of community pharmacists to train as independent prescribers, and that the proposed changes are a “step in the right direction to allow the community pharmacy sector to achieve the vision set out in the Community Pharmacy Forward View (CPFV)."

The statement says: “The use of PIPs as part of multi-disciplinary teams is already happening in some areas, but with increasing numbers of people living longer whilst managing one or more long-term conditions, this is an area that needs to expand.

“More widespread independent prescribing by community pharmacists will be required for the sector to work in the ways described in the CPFV, which sees community pharmacy playing a significantly enhanced role in the delivery of integrated, personalised care, support and well-being services.”

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