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PSNC to launch second prescription analysis tool

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PSNC to launch second prescription analysis tool

PSNC has developed a new system, CheckRx, which allows pharmacies to interpret their Px prescription item report in a user-friendly way. While the report from the NHS Business Services Authority includes detailed information about the dispensed items that a contractor has been paid for, it has over 70 columns and a volume of data is difficult to manipulate, said pharmacist Patrick Grice, who helped develop the programme for PSNC.

CheckRx is a complementary tool to Check34, the programme launched last year that allows contractors to monitor monthly prescription payments from the monthly FP34.

CheckRx “turns the data into something more manageable,” said PSNC. Using the tool can help contractors understand their dispensing patterns in detail and has the potential to help highlight discrepancies, incorrect endorsement for example, by comparing with the FP34.

Users can recreate the FP34 through PRISM, view the top 20 products, focus on EPS scripts, Category M payments, expensive items, select particular categories or products and compare item numbers with local competitors.

“If you dispense a high proportion of Category M products, you may want to focus on how you buy these products,” suggested Mr Grice. The analysis can help pharmacies identify generics dispensed as brands, he said. It can also help with stock management.

The CheckRx programme, which has the same login for registered contractors as Check 34, will be offered for a separate fee of £144 per year when it goes live in June. The National Pharmacy Association says it is in discussions with PSNC about making CheckRx available to independents.

The system gives independent pharmacies “the same data processing capability as large head offices,” suggested Mr Grice. With Category M clawback underway, this is an additional tool to help communities pharmacies manage any financial fluctuations.

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