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PDA secures £65k unpaid wages for locums


PDA secures £65k unpaid wages for locums

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association claims it has helped locum pharmacists recover £65k worth of ‘wage theft’ so far this year, as well as helping trainee pharmacists and other members win back unpaid wages.

The PDA said it has supported members in a number of cases this year where employers had denied wages that were rightfully due to the pharmacists. These cases have spanned the NHS and community pharmacy businesses of all sizes, its August 18 statement continued.

It listed a number of examples of “dishonest behaviours” from employers, including trainee pharmacists who had been required to work unpaid overtime on a regular basis (a breach of their contract), pharmacists who were told to undertake the training needed to deliver NHS-commissioned services in their own time and cases where employers made deductions from trainees’ wages.

The PDA said that £65,000 in unpaid locum wages has been recovered, including one case where a locum secured £8,000 that was owed to them.

PDA Union general secretary Mark Pitt said: “It is simply unacceptable that pharmacists are having to fight to recover money they are legitimately owed by employers and pharmacy contractors, particularly at a time where there is a cost of living crisis. 

“Notwithstanding that some pharmacies are under financial pressure, employers have strict legal and contractual obligations towards pharmacists, which must be honoured.” 

The PDA advised pharmacists: “Employment or locum contracts may vary, and pharmacists should always keep a copy of their own contract. The contract should set out rates of pay and what is required to earn that pay.

“If further work is required by the employer, then this should be paid in accordance with the contract or by an agreement made above and beyond the original contract.”

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