NPA offers media training to independents


NPA offers media training to independents

To help build on positive media coverage of the community pharmacy sector in 2016, the NPA is offering broadcast media training free of charge to its members and to LPCs.

The association says that in doing so it is working towards a “step change in media consciousness and confidence within the independent sector”.

This training, which is part of the NPA’s ongoing public awareness programme, is available to pharmacists across the UK. The association says its aim is for there to be one competent media advocate for pharmacy in each of the 40 BBC regions across the country.

The training includes:

  1. A webinar that is open to all
  2. Mock radio interviews and follow-up coaching (by phone)
  3. Full day, studio-based face-to-face training
  4. Regular media top tips.

NPA head of communications Stephen Fishwick said: “Pharmacists and their teams should not be so bashful about the wonderful support they give day in and day out. Of course, good PR is not their prime motivation for great patient care, but there is no shame in talking about the merits of local pharmacies. In fact, it is a necessity to be loud and proud in order to be heard above the noise of everyday news, current affairs and trivia.

“As a result of the Support Your Local Pharmacy campaign, the level of active public and media support for community pharmacy has never been higher. Yet, pharmacy is still too often not part of the local or national media conversation on key healthcare issues.

“We are therefore offering this training to achieve a step change in media consciousness and confidence within the independent sector, so that pharmacy can take up more media opportunities at a local and national level. The NPA is active on TV, radio, press and social media, as are the other national pharmacy organisations. However, we need to grow media capacity at grass-roots, so that positive coverage can be generated constantly and media opportunities can be taken locally, as and when they arise.”

NPA members and LPCs can apply to take part in the programme at www.npa/

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