Competition winner – I am Pharmacy!


Competition winner – I am Pharmacy!

To celebrate "24 hours of Pharmacy" day on 24 March, P3, Pharmacy Magazine and Training Matters invited pharmacists to explain in a few paragraphs why pharmacy is such an essential part of the NHS.

After much deliberation, the editors decided that the poem below, written by Neil Mistry from Hutchins Chemist in Loughton, was a worthy winner.

Read and enjoy!

I am Pharmacy

I grind the morning traffic and queues; I cannot be late for work for all that pharma

My patients will be waiting with baited breath; I’m striving for karma


Mentally I am preparing for the organised chaos that will engulf me

I will be prepared? I think to myself, and smile internally with glee


The dispensing,

                       The assessments,

                                                  The checks

                                                                   That need to be made

The challenges with HCPs…communication; paperwork; workload, I hope will fade


Patients and GPs alike wait to interact

I know I’ve indirectly made with the “powers that be” a devil’s pact


My role is very varied, but we all play an important and vital role

Patient outcomes, health and wellbeing are our ultimate goal


Our responsibilities vary within the healthcare sys-tem

I believe we are uncut “diamonds”, and the unseen colourful “gem”


I give out medicines, and information that is the basic link

If I was to stop, I am sure everyone will sink!


In community pharmacy practice, we may need to sell

But it is important as we want to see all our clients being well!


I help the general public, with their conditions, diseases and ailments

And make clinical decisions, support care and listen to the elements


I offer patients advice on prescriptions and how to keep their good health

I am seen to have all the answers and the direction to information wealth


I manage asthma and diabetes and blood pressure testing

I alter diets; give advice on allergy; cholesterol; help people give up smoking


I smile,

And if time permits, I do some joking

But I start to wane, when the powers that be keep on poking!


By Neil Mistry, pharmacist, Hutchins Pharmacy, Loughton, Essex

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