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Enough is enough, says homelessness charity

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Enough is enough, says homelessness charity

This Christmas, over 120,000 children in Britain are classed as homeless, highlighting the need to put an end to children living long-term in temporary accommodation, says homelessness charity Shelter.

The ‘Enough is enough’ campaign is aiming to influence policy and raise awareness: “It’s time to make ending homelessness a priority”, says the organisation.

“This year Shelter turned 50, but there’s nothing golden about this anniversary. Though we’ve achieved a lot since 1966, our work, sadly, remains as important today as ever,” comments Shelter.

The charity’s website receives over four million visits a year from the public, and offers advice covering tenant’s rights to how to deal with damp.

“This is a critical time for housing in Britain and more people need our help than ever before. So we’ll also mark this milestone with a renewed drive, focus and commitment. We will strive relentlessly to give people the help they need and to campaign to win long lasting change,” said chief executive, Campbell Rob.

“Any one of us could become homeless tomorrow. This crisis is not someone else’s problem. Together, we all face the consequences when thousands of families grow up in homes that are simply not good enough. And together, we can fix it.”


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