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Day Lewis grows to over 300 pharmacies

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Day Lewis grows to over 300 pharmacies

With the recent acquisition of Community Pharmacies (UK) Ltd, the Day Lewis Group now owns and manages 300 pharmacies in the UK.

The acquired company consists of 18 health centre pharmacies, most of which are in partnerships with GPs.

Jay Patel, one of Day Lewis’ three executive directors, said: “Despite the ongoing cuts facing pharmacy, Day Lewis continues to invest in the sector as we have done for over 40 years. We are committed to pharmacy and our independence allows us to take a long-term view. 

“The acquisition of Community Pharmacies Ltd strengthens our business further, increasing our portfolio of health centre pharmacies. A strong Day Lewis enables us to support our colleagues, whilst also helping us to reach as many patients in as many communities as possible. It also keeps us on track to meet Kirit's [Kirit Patel, late co-founder of Day Lewis Group] vision of achieving 400 pharmacies by 2020.” 

Community Pharmacies Ltd CEO Andrew Murray said: “We were seeking a buyer that shares our vision and values and that has the size and scale of operation to invest in the business, to ensure its success for the future. Day Lewis has long been recognised as one of the best independent operators in the industry. They are the right fit for us and I look forward to working with them."

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