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Amazon closer to entering pharmacy market, reports suggest

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Amazon closer to entering pharmacy market, reports suggest

Sources close to Amazon say that the company, which has reportedly had its sights on the pharmacy market for some time, is now developing concrete plans to crack the sector.

According to a CNBC report, two people familiar with the company’s plans say it is hiring a general manager to head up a pharmacy team and develop its strategy, and that it is holding talks with industry experts.

Industry figures have said that while Amazon might meet obstacles in cracking such a crowded and heavily regulated market, if it succeeds it stands to make significant amounts of revenue. The company has recently started selling medical supplies and equipment in the U.S, and, according to an April report in Japan Times, now sells medicines on its Japanese site with approval from a pharmacist.

In the UK, Celesio UK has been partnering with Amazon to offer healthcare products to customers.

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