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Positive workplace culture to the fore in ACTNow 2023


Positive workplace culture to the fore in ACTNow 2023

Independent charity Pharmacist Support has announced its fourth annual ACTNow pharmacist wellbeing campaign. Starting later this month, the campaign will follow up on last year’s initiative which, the charity says, “saw remarkable engagement and made significant strides in raising awareness about wellbeing within the pharmacy profession.”

Pharmacist Support says the 2023 campaign will maintain a focus on supporting a positive workplace culture, and equip individuals, pharmacy teams and employers with tools, resources, and strategies to better support colleagues facing distress, while fostering a growth mindset within teams. It comes hot on the heels of Pharmacist Support’s latest workload, wellbeing and patient safety report with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

“This year we want to move the conversation beyond individual mental health stories and highlight real-life workplace wellbeing practices that have made a positive impact,” says Pharmacist Support chief executive Danielle Hunt (above). “We also want to provide resources that help build trust and address some of the issues around stigma highlighted through our research and equip the sector with tools to be able to open up and have those sensitive and sometimes challenging conversations in the workplace.”

It will run for three themed weeks, commencing on 16th October at the Pharmacy Show:

  • ‘Breaking the silence’ (October 16-22) will share stories from pharmacy teams, managers, and individuals who have actively supported the wellbeing of their colleagues.
  • ‘Transforming your workplace culture’ (October 23-29) will focus on content and themes from the charity’s new ‘Wellbeing for Pharmacy Managers and Leaders’ course, developed over the last 12 months and due for launch in January, including insights and strategies for creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture.
  • ‘Prioritising yourself’ (October 30–November 4) will offer mental health and wellbeing support tailored to individuals, emphasising the importance of self-care.

ACTNow (Allow time for wellbeing, Consider the needs of others, Take action) was initiated in May 2020 in response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has since evolved into a platform promoting positive workplace culture, teamwork, and individual wellbeing. The campaign's core objectives are to encourage individuals and teams in the profession to prioritise their wellbeing, consider the needs of their colleagues, and take proactive steps towards creating a healthier work environment.

The 2022 campaign saw a 49 per cent increase in sign-ups and a 197 per cent rise in social media engagement compared to 2021. The campaign garnered over 16,000 website page views, reached a broader audience, including more male pharmacists, and received overwhelming positive feedback, with 88 per cent of participants finding it very useful or useful, and 85 per cent expressing the desire for future campaigns.

“Partnership working is crucial to the success of the charity’s work, and Pharmacist Support is delighted once again to be working with campaign sponsors Teva UK and the Pharmacists’ Defence Association,” says Ms Hunt. “It is thanks to their continued support that the charity is able to dedicate time and resource to the development of its wellbeing resources (including videos, posters, information and wellbeing in the workplace packs) that are shared free as part of the campaign.”

Click for information about ACTNow 2023 and to get involved. 

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