Three-quarters of the salt we eat is hidden in the foods we buy, according to Heart Research UK. Breakfast cereals, bread, confectionary, pastries and cakes are all foods that contain high amounts of salt. Adults should eat no more than 6g of salt per day to maintain a healthy blood pressure.



In the latest Kings Fund’s quarterly monitoring report, 53 per cent of NHS trust finance directors said that the quality of care in their local area had worsened in the past year. Nearly as many (48%) clinical commissioning group finance leads agreed. These are the highest levels of concern in the report’s history.



Latest figures released by The Office for National Statistics show that the majority of alcohol-related deaths (65%) in the UK in 2014 were amongst men. The number of female deaths in the UK was at its highest level for six years at 3,010 deaths. Total deaths increased from 22,330 in 2012 to 22,976 in 2014.



Diabetes.co.uk has launched a new app, DiabetesPA, created with the help of 20,000 Diabetes.co.uk members. The app creators say this is a “simple, practical and free way for people to monitor every aspect of their diabetes”. The app logs a range of levels such as blood glucose, insulin, mood and exercise.


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