LloydsPharmacy is to offer businesses on-site flu vaccination clinics to help employers protect their workforce over the 2017/18 flu season. 

The clinics are available as either full or half day bookings, and are aimed at reducing the more than seven million working days lost to flu each year. On average, a typical employee with flu loses five days to the virus, costing businesses over £500 per employee, LloydsPharmacy says.

In addition to on-site clinics, employers may order vouchers that their employees can redeem at participating LloydsPharmacy stores in the UK.

Deep Patel, NHS Excellence manager at LloydsPharmacy, said: “Many people don’t realise how debilitating the flu virus can be. It can make even the healthiest individuals at every age feel very ill for weeks, and at-risk groups such as those with asthma are particularly vulnerable. It is also highly contagious, and can easily spread across an entire workforce in a matter of days.

“Thousands of pounds are also lost each year by businesses affected by sickness leave from flu. The most important asset to any business is its people and preventing an outbreak by vaccination is a cost-effective way to safeguard the health of the workforce and also reduce the risk of impact upon working life.”


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