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Working with urgency

Our team is a group of specialists who bring their skills to the team to improve pharmacy services to secure a future in a changing and, at times, hostile environment. The key driving force is a desire to achieve agreed outcomes and our team shows urgency and intensity.

Hemant Patel, north-east London LPC


Do we work well together?

To improve our team we asked the questions:

  • Do we work well together?
  • As a team, what do we do well?
  • What do we need to work on?

Alison Blenkinsopp, professor of the practice of pharmacy, University of Bradford


Several teams with one voice

The defining characteristics of our team at Pharmacy Voice are that we are a small and pretty new team, as Pharmacy Voice is a fairly new organisation. In this size of team, it’s vital that we are all relaxed about the demarcation between roles – there is inevitably some blurring between roles, but we all focus on the bigger organisational plan. We also focus on bringing the teams of our member associations together, as Pharmacy Voice is an association of trade bodies: AI Mp, CCA and NPA. We have an active set of working groups focused on delivering our business plans. Having task-based groups helps keep an open forum to discuss the range of views and enables us to focus on representing one voice from the community pharmacy sector.

Rob Darracott, chief executive, Pharmacy Voice


A pharmacy team of equals

My pharmacy team are all equals and partners in running my pharmacy, because we are all wrestling every day with implementing a very demanding agenda in terms of performance and expectations. I consult with them nearly the whole time. I also listen to them as I would to patients, competitors, customers and commissioners, because by far the sum is the most valuable resource and as a whole you can't buy expertise or experience. I try to create a fun, dynamic and comfortable atmosphere with an open-door policy and organise regular social events, sometimes with partners, too. Looking after staff is always a challenge, but worth doing, because we wouldn’t last five minutes without happy, enthusiastic people working together seamlessly and cohesively.

Sid Dajani, Wainwrights Chemist, Bishopstoke


Make sure that everyone is trained

I think it is hard to get a good team together. All the staff need to be motivated, focused and work as one. This is only achieved when each member has had training to do the task in hand. You have a good team when they do a task well, and when they have completed that they then help another member of staff to complete their task. Make sure that everyone is trained and working as hard as each other. Try to maintain the same staff, as change causes a shift in equilibrium.

Gary Jones, Borth Pharmacy, Pro Delivery Manager


Focus on learning and development

At Day Lewis, we know that our teams are good: we achieved Gold Investors in People last year. Day Lewis focuses on learning and development of individual team members, aimed at improving both pharmacy skills and interpersonal skills, through the Day Lewis Training Academy. Recruitment is key. We only employ peoplefriendly people. We also encourage teams to socialise together locally and at the annual Day Lewis Conference. We believe that teams that play together will stay together.

Jay Patel, co-owner, Day Lewis Pharmacy


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