Flu jabs up 6.7 per cent in 2018/19

The number of flu vaccines administered by community pharmacies in England increased by 6.7 per cent to 1.43 million in the 2018/19 season, according to new figures released by the NHS Business Services Agency.

The figures, compiled by PharmData, reveal with 9,071 pharmacies participated in the NHS seasonal flu vaccination advanced service last year, an increase of 90 (1 per cent) over 2017/18. More than £26.64 million was paid to pharmacies for the service, comprising £13.07 million in vaccine cost reimbursement, and £13.57 million in professional fee remuneration. 

JWW Allison & Sons of Cockermouth topped the list of pharmacy providers for a third year in a row, administering 2,503 vaccines. Broadway Pharmacy in Fulwood, Preston were second, on 1,928 and Kepple Lane Pharmacy in Garstang third on 1,788.

According to a breakdown by LPC area, pharmacies in Cumbria completed an average 219 vaccinations, with pharmacies in Bedfordshire completing 165 and Lincolnshire 163.

Among the multiples, Well pharmacy flu vaccination numbers were up 38 per cent to 123,000 in total, while Lloydspharmacy's numbers were down by around 16,000 to 118,000. Boots pharmacies administered a total of 365,000 vaccines (last year 356,000).



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