A people-centric company culture and strong partnerships with industry have been central to the success of Day Lewis Pharmacy, said the group’s ceo, Kirit Patel, as the company marked it’s 40th anniversary at a reception at Kensington Palace.

‘What in the last 40 years has given me the most satisfaction? Believe me, it is not the financial success. It is the people value and friendships we have built along the way.

It is championing the cause of pharmacy,’ said Mr Patel. He praised the network across the industry and pharmacy profession, and strong teams with the company that have helped Day Lewis to succeed. ‘It’s all about partnership – trust and collaboration at every level’.

Jay Patel said that the company had evolved over 40 years, and will continue to thrive as a family business. Family businesses ‘are stronger’, he said. Day Lewis now has 275 pharmacies.


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