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Using patient-friendly language

Why you may need to improve your communication skills and the benefits to patient care

This P3 Business CPD module discusses how people skills and patient friendly language in customer interations, can lead to better outcomes.

Ask yourself:

Is your communication with patients as good as it could be? Use this article to review your skills and the potential for getting more from consultations.

Goal and objectives:

To make it easier for patients to understand how to take their medicines and to answer queries they may have about their medicines.

After reading this module, you will have:

  1. Reviewed the language you use when consulting with patients
  2. Understood how your communication could be improved or changed
  3. Considered the benefits of patientcentred communication to patient care.

As part of this learning, it is recommended that you complete the CPPE Consultation Skills learning modules, found at


 Ash Soni OBE, pharmacist and independent pharmacy owner

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