Celesio UK is looking to reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy costs through the installation of a 50kW bank of 200 solar panels at its Coventry headquarters. The panels are expected to generate over 40,000kWh of electricity a year and reduce carbon emissions by almost 20,000kg.

Solar energy at Celesio UK in Coventry

Visitors to the building’s reception will be able to view a display showing how much energy is being generated by the new solar panels at any one time. This will show how many kWh of energy have been generated since installation and the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions.

Installation of the panels is one of a number of projects forming part of an energy efficiency programme enabling Celesio to achieve its corporate target of reducing energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions by 10 per cent, said the company.

Other projects have included fitting new LED lighting at nearly 350 LloydsPharmacy stores, three AAH warehouses, and at the headquarters.

Stephen Hinsley, Celesio UK energy manager, commented: “Reducing our energy usage not only reduces our bills but also supports our commitment to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. The solar panel project is one of a number of energy saving measures being implemented to enable us to become more energy efficient.”

McKesson Europe’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy aims for “better health for our patients, reducing material consumption, and increasing energy efficiency at our warehouses and pharmacies”.


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