Ade Williams draws inspiration from his reading in finding a way forward for Bedminster Pharmacy

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Is the pharmacy profession capitalising on the opportunities provided by technology to improve healthcare and service delivery to patients?  Outsider doesn't think so.

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The Secretary of State has a new vision. Prevention. Forgive me for feeling deja vu-ed...

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Chris Martin, Alliance Healthcare non-executive advisor, finds future prospects brought into sharp focus by celebrations closer to home

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By Adam Irvine, chief executive, Greater Manchester LPC


Local itself is an interesting concept.  Local for us has to be viewed in the context of the changes to health in our area dictates. As a devolved system, Greater Manchester has been given the power to look at the health, social care and wider public services sectors in a different way. The rest of the country have Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) focused on transforming healthcare in their areas.  The Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership is our STP, but we go significantly beyond the typical STP - not just to look at the integration of health and social care but to tackle, or at least contextualise, the wider determinants of health, and social and economic issues too. Our efforts are focused on both place and person to ensure we deliver the desired (and ambitious) outcomes of devolution.

There are seven big aims, tracked right across a person’s life course.  Not all of them focus on health; two relate to early years development (low birth weight, school readiness), one is economic, but linked as a wider determinant of good health, there are three major disease outcomes (fewer early deaths from CVD, cancer and respiratory disease) and one on supporting people to stay well living at home into later life.

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