Community pharmacy offers patients and the NHS far more than just product supply and dispensing medicines, but is this really recognised, asks Noel Wicks

One thing we don’t do enough in pharmacy is talk about the care we provide. Instead, we tend to focus on the products or services we supply. While these are a part of the care we give, they form only a part of the total package.

If you consider what pharmacy teams up and down the country do each and every day, the reality is that the benefit of the community pharmacy network extends far beyond simple dispensing.

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Mike Smith puts the world to rights…

I read with interest the article in last month’s issue of P3 about the government’s aim to change the law by next October to allow independents to make use of centralised dispensing. As is to be expected, community pharmacy views on the option are “cautious”. I personally share that view and believe there is still work to be done before it could be implemented across the sector. This includes a detailed assessment of the logistical challenges, and cost and safety considerations associated with implementation. Most importantly, we must be absolutely certain that it doesn’t lead to an increased risk of dispensing errors.

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Pharmacists must flex their collective strength to face the challenges ahead, says Noel Wicks

I had the very good fortune recently to attend a clinical leadership in pharmacy launch event for a new 12-day course of exciting and practical leadership training that’s being offered to 25 worthy candidates from Scotland. People have been selected from various sectors of pharmacy, all of whom will no doubt benefit greatly from their newfound leadership skills.

The Scottish chief pharmacist and other notable speakers were there to launch the programme, but I was most intrigued by someone introduced as “the sumo guy”. Who? Some sort of mud wrestler?


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