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Plastic Carton

It's a regular quiz question. Which book starts: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"?

Time to green up

We’re going to be hearing a lot about sustainability. It was news to me how advanced some businesses in the supply chain are in their thinking; perhaps it shouldn’t have been.

Perfect sense

It's always a pleasant surprise to hear politicians from all sides talking about the benefits of mutuality.

Grounds for hope

The world is changing around us. Some have noticed. Others? I’m not so sure.

Better get a wiggle on

Another letter that needs very careful reading, and might require a foot on the accelerator of representation

Function. Form

Change is coming... again. The 42 integrated care organisations that will form the 'system' level of the NHS from April 2022 are in place in shadow form.

Time to take in different views

Lesley Neil is spreading the word

Greensill recalled

The editor recalls a trip to Downing Street and a meeting with the now newsworthy Mr Greensill

Accuracy checking

Just because something becomes possible does not mean you have to do it.

A plan for jabs

Why not work out now, in detail, what might happen next with Covid jabs 


The editor considers how the pandemic has shifted pharmacy's agenda

Why bother? Because

“Did you hear the minister’s speech?” “I’ve heard it all before. Waste of time.” Is it, though? 

Use research to help get things right

Professor of social pharmacy Claire Anderson's passion for research has taken her around the world, but she says UK pharmacy is slower on the uptake 

Busting nothing

There’s no gloss on the RPS’s annual workforce wellbeing survey

Real leaders

Five weeks ago, and old friend rang me up and told me about someone he'd just met.

Who's raising the bar?

The editor says winners are the builders of the future, even in this year's "no ceremony" awards

How do you find things out?

Unfamiliarity with a new bit of kit prompts a thought about how people get information

Primary care won't wait

Covid-19 has accelerated decision making in the NHS. Pharmacy can't afford to delay its own

Resilient. Proud. Magnificent

As the country was ordered to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives, and GPs moved to entry by remote triage, Rob Darracott asked a dozen pharmacists to log their Covid-19 experiences in a series of emails and calls. This is their story of five weeks in community pharmacy.

This review matters...

...and this is why. The Editor's view

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