Front Desk

Deal done, work starts

After the five year agreement, the real work starts. Time to learn the lessons of the past.

Time for a real change

The RPS president for 2019/20 is (s)elected next week. The record books suggest something different is in order 

Not 'appy

Do people with an iPhone and a cold sore deserve instant access to a GP?

An hour with Keith Ridge: takeaways

Editor Rob Darracott's takeaways from his conversation with NHS England's chief pharmaceutical officer

Too soon, Lord Sugar?

Apprenticeships. A dastardly plot, or a different way of squaring a tricky circle? Outrage justified, or more detail needed? 

Local is important

PSNC has put support for LPCs at the heart of its strategy for 2019. I hope it’s not too late. 

Ministers can matter

Steve Brine's resigned over Brexit. But how much of a difference does a Government minister make to pharmacy? 

Thinking half full

Associate editor Ross Ferguson reads between the lines of the NHS Long Term Plan

By the people, for the people

What happens when a population of 30,000 people gets an opportunity to reshape community health care for itself? Fleetwood GP Mark Spencer talks to P3pharmacy about award-winning Healthier Fleetwood

Time to get on the right side

Here's an opportunity to get on the right side of an argument

NHS Plan: first response to the first responses

The NHS Plan. First thoughts, and a response to the first responses

When Saturday comes

Dateline: Saturday. Location: London. Objective: Disruption. And there’s no place to hide in an Xchangeathon. 

Brexit wishful thinking?

The Health Secretary suggestions for measures to ease medicine supply chain challenges in the event of no deal look like wishful thinking

Fine words...

The Secretary of State has a new vision. Prevention. Forgive me for feeling deja vu-ed...