Front Desk

Who's raising the bar?

The editor says winners are the builders of the future, even in this year's "no ceremony" awards

How do you find things out?

Unfamiliarity with a new bit of kit prompts a thought about how people get information

Primary care won't wait

Covid-19 has accelerated decision making in the NHS. Pharmacy can't afford to delay its own

Resilient. Proud. Magnificent

As the country was ordered to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives, and GPs moved to entry by remote triage, Rob Darracott asked a dozen pharmacists to log their Covid-19 experiences in a series of emails and calls. This is their story of five weeks in community pharmacy.

This review matters...

...and this is why. The Editor's view

Going for it. In Ealing

There's a great job going in West London...

Who writes the script?

The Editor argues that the numbers won't tell the real story

All changed, changed utterly

I don't need to paint you a picture. You're in the picture

Agree functions before the rest

Some wish lists in the representation review seem to put the cart before the horse

A lesson from history

The editor recalls a successful campaign from pharmacy's past and asks whether it holds some lessons for the future.

Rx for 2020: policy, please

You can’t shape what you don’t see coming, and you won’t see it coming if you’re not looking for it. 

Thanks, Matt

Pharmacy can do better than some of the tactics being employed in the general election

Needed, and definitely not needed

The editor says only realists and optimists need apply

Do LPCs need a leg up nationally to step up locally?

Community pharmacy face twin changes: a new five year national deal, and primary care networks at local level. Does representation need to change to reflect the reality? 

Deal done, work starts

After the five year agreement, the real work starts. Time to learn the lessons of the past.

Time for a real change

The RPS president for 2019/20 is (s)elected next week. The record books suggest something different is in order 

Not 'appy

Do people with an iPhone and a cold sore deserve instant access to a GP?

An hour with Keith Ridge: takeaways

Editor Rob Darracott's takeaways from his conversation with NHS England's chief pharmaceutical officer

Too soon, Lord Sugar?

Apprenticeships. A dastardly plot, or a different way of squaring a tricky circle? Outrage justified, or more detail needed? 

Local is important

PSNC has put support for LPCs at the heart of its strategy for 2019. I hope it’s not too late. 

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