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The business of family

Day Lewis executive directors Jay, Rupa and Sam Patel on running a business together and the importance of family, at home and at work

Concerns rise as RSG proposals delayed

The Review Steering Group’s proposals for contractor representation in England have been delayed into 2022. Not everyone is happy about the process so far

Healthy view ahead for pharmacy

While pharmacists say more patients are heading their way for advice on how to maintain healthy vision, eyes are still a low priority for many people

Green goes mainstream

As politicians and their negotiators looked for a global consensus at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), more practical steps were already being taken at home

This time for original pack dispensing?

Original pack dispensing has been rumbling around the Department of Health for decades; now the Government has finally opened a consultation

Stretched but bouncing back

Brexit and the pandemic have tested medicines supply chains. What lessons have been learned to mitigate future shortages?

How to sustain the momentum

What can community pharmacy learn from its Covid-19 response? Speakers at a recent Westminster Health Forum policy conference shared their thoughts. 

Sodium valproate prescribing update

Two new initiatives have been launched to ensure all women and girls prescribed sodium valproate are fully aware of the risks and understand the importance of using reliable contraception to prevent pregnancy

Hasn't the NPA got it Wright?

The Group looking at the future representation of community pharmacy has yet to provide concrete options for change. But there’s much to like in outline proposals developed by the NPA 

Prescription for longevity

Independent prescriber Sunil Kochhar says it’s time to upskill if you want to match the 2026 cohort, who will be the first to register with prescribing rights

Flu season could be early, and demand higher

The near absence of flu cases last year means the season could come early this year

Going, growing, gone

Pharmacy numbers are shrinking and it's large chains losing share

The bus stops here

What does a medicines optimisation pharmacist do? Victoria Birchall describes a typical week 

Representation review runs true to form

The steering group charting a new course for representation in England has published an outline timetable for change. How did we get here, and what's next?

Integrated care systems are coming...so what?

Integrated care systems (ICSs) will, we are told, join up health and care, with planning and delivery increasingly organised more locally. What does this mean for community pharmacy?

The five year deal: half term report

Health economist Leela Barham takes stock of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) at its half-way point

Modernising healthcare regulation: time for change

Do new proposals for regulating health professionals make sense, given the learnings of the pandemic?

Box ticking, or barrier busting?

The Joint National Plan for Inclusive Pharmacy Practice makes all the right noises about addressing inequalities, but can it make a difference?

Joining the dots

Avicenna MD Bharti Patel brings a breath of experience to bear on focusing the independent support group on what matters most to its members

Room for a new view

How might community pharmacy in England build on its pandemic-enhanced reputation? The Wright Review suggested a new vision and strategy were needed. There are gaps, but a completely blank sheet of paper might not be necessary.

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