His is heavy, he's our brother

Most UK adults are overweight. How far can an NHS digital solution help?

Dental evolution in action

The pandemic has prompted changes in how the British public feel about their teeth, as well as how they look after them

A new generation

Advice and support can convert new parents to loyal customers

A welcome 'return to normal'

Children's mental health is the chief concern as classrooms reopen for the autumn term

Food for thought

Food allergies cause huge anxiety. Here's how you can help

Consumers get ready for 'a summer of love'

Pharmacists can expect an increase in footfall and queries about sexual health this summer including men with erection problems.

Stressed out scalps

The pandemic has had an effect on almost every area of people’s health, including the hair and scalp. 

The weight is over

Covid-19 has focused attention on the danger of excess weight, so it could be time to review your approach to weight management

Open wider

With visits to dentists down thanks to coronavirus, customers have been turning to pharmacy to fill the gap

Go with your gut

A healthy gut is important not just for digestive wellbeing, but overall health in general

Pharmacies: a lifeline for men

Men have double the risk of dying from Covid-19 and are more than three times as likely to die from suicide as women. 

Pets, vets and pharmacy

Covid-19 has prompted many people to seek companionship in the form of new (and old) pets. Take a look at what this means for pharmacy.

Step to it

As summer approaches, now is the time to educate customers on foot and leg care.

Get involved to improve children's health

Pharmacists have a unique opportunity to build trusting relationships with parents to influence the long-term health prospects of their children. Find out the most important ways you can get involved.

Keeping bones healthy during the lockdown

Long periods of immobility are a known risk factor for osteoporosis, which affects over three million people in the UK. And staying at home means that customers’ fitness levels could drop if they don’t move around regularly.

Testing, testing

As technology evolves and consumers are encouraged to embrace self care, home diagnostics tests could form part of a wider healthcare action plan.

Soothing the itch

Childhood eczema is so common that it’s easy to believe parents know how to manage it. This is not necessarily true, however, and there is plenty the pharmacy team can do to help.

Missed opportunities

Women are ignoring potentially serious health problems during the current pandemic, worried about bothering busy health professionals or struggling to access the services they need. 

Pharmacies wanted for a wider role in sexual health

The sexually transmitted infection rate is rising and PHE would like more community pharmacies to get involved.

Open wide

Pharmacists can play a key role in helping older customers improve their oral care

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