Common conditions

Heads you win

With headaches up and migraine worsening, are you giving your customers the latest advice?

Listen up

Ear wax removal is proving a profitable new service for many pharmacies

Dermatology in the pharmacy

Waiting lists have grown in the pandemic; pharmacy has an important role to play

Coronosomnia: the pandemic effect on sleep

The pandemic has caused disturbed sleep for many customers, but a new pharmacy service can help

A fresh perspective on incontinence

At least three million people in the UK experience urinary incontinence; we look at the scale of the problem and the opportunity for pharmacy. 

First responders

Increased numbers of visits to the pharmacy in search of self care assistance with first aid has been a knock-on effect of the pandemic. 

Time to think skin

The pandemic has taken its toll on skin, with acne and eczema on the rise.

Understanding key to management

The key to helping customers manage bladder weakness lies in understanding the symptoms

Easing congestion

A blocked nose, painful sinuses and earache: causes and latest treatment advice

Focus on dry eye

Increased home working and mask wearing are adding to the problem of dry eye 

Getting ahead

A look at recent data on that most common of symptoms: a headache  

Fight or flight

Stress and anxiety are closely linked to insomnia. Unsurprisingly, the events of 2020 have heightened demand for services and treatments to ease all three.

Topicals cash in on self care trend

Exercise induced injuries rocketed during lockdown. Here's the latest news, and some advice about backpacks...

First things first

Examining the first aid market, discover changes in guidance and training, as well as trends towards more natural solutions.

Heads up

With access to specialists limited by Covid-19, pharmacists have become more important as a source of advice for hair and scalp conditions

Hear, hear!

From excess wax to swimmer’s ear, pharmacy should be the first port of call for advice and treatments for minor ear complaints

Gut feelings for digestive health

Common conditions and red flags for digestive issues in review

No more headaches

The average person gets up to two headaches a week. But what do they do about it, and how can you help. 

Topical pain relief is a hot topic

Nearly 15 million people in the UK suffer from musculoskeletal pain. Many of them head to their local pharmacy...

Managing skin conditions in pharmacy

With restrictions on prescribing for minor conditions, many are being directed to their pharmacy for treatment and advice.

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