Managing heartburn and indigestion in the pharmacy

Learn how to identify and help customers manage heartburn and indigestion, from recommending the right products to ease symptoms, to self-care advice and identifying red flags for referral

First responders

Increased numbers of visits to the pharmacy in search of self care assistance with first aid has been a knock-on effect of the pandemic. 

Testing times

Covid tests are hot, but the pandemic has prompted a general expansion of health screening services

One in five need room to breathe

The Taskforce for Lung Health sees opportunity in effective promotion of 'vital' pharmacy services like inhaler technique checks

Supporting women in their contraceptive choices

Upgrade your contraceptive consultations by exploring the interactive pack to learn about a daily oral contraceptive pill

Treating fungal nail infections

Understand how fungal nail infections develop and help manage customer expectations around treatment

Time to think skin

The pandemic has taken its toll on skin, with acne and eczema on the rise.

Supporting parents of babies with feeding issues

Common feeding feeding issues, including coloc, reflux and regurgitation, and some of the ways they can be managed

Be sun smarter

It may be staycations for many this year, but the British sun can still be a cause for concern

Crisis point

With screening delays and lockdown related mental health issues on the rise, how might pharmacy help?

Push the pain barrier

New NICE guidance calls for healthcare professionals to recognise and treat chronic pain as valid and unique to each patient.

Digging deeper into EPs

Explore the interactive brain to learn about psychological causes of EPs

7 steps to tackling children's allergy

Work through this new-style module to increase your confidence in reassuring parents of children with allergies, and know what advice and products to recommend

A new approach to osteoarthritis & joint pain

When customers come to your pharmacy with joint pain associated with osteoarthritis or joint wear and tear, it may mean they have reached the point where their quality of life is being impacted.

Food for thought

Food allergies cause huge anxiety. Here's how you can help

Consumers get ready for 'a summer of love'

Pharmacists can expect an increase in footfall and queries about sexual health this summer including men with erection problems.

Challenging your thinking about oral pain relief

This short module contains three videos that review evidence about OTC pain relief, to challenge your thinking when recommending products.

Back on your feet

Often overlooked, even legs and feet have suffered in lockdown

Catching symptoms early is key

Given the problems accessing screening over the last 12 months, spotting the early signs of bowel disease is more important than ever

Tough times for the older generation

The pandemic has been a difficult time for older people, and pharmacy's role in their care is more important than ever

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