P3 magazine is an award-winning monthly publication for community pharmacy in the UK, supporting pharmacy retail to grow in a rapidly-changing healthcare world.

Supporting commercial and retail skills in pharmacy

Every month P3 delivers a unique mix of retail skills, product knowledge, trend analysis, category features, business practice, finance, marketing, communication skills and team management information for community pharmacy.

Key content includes:

  • News, opinions and category insight from the key drivers in the industry
  • Product news and trend analysis to keep pace with consumer demands
  • Better business – CPD programme to support marketing, customer service, management and leadership skills
  • Category features – benefits of stocking, marketing, merchandising and recommending new and existing products
  • How to maximise sales of products when supported by trade/consumer advertising
  • Showcasing business ideas from the best in independent and multiple pharmacy.

Written for the whole pharmacy team, P3 is distributed monthly to the pharmacist/pharmacy manager in all UK retail pharmacies.

Use P3 magazine to bring out the best in your pharmacy or brand!


You advertise to increase your business – pharmacists read P3 to increase theirs. Whether you’re promoting your latest product or a professional pharmacy service, it is ultimately a commercial proposition. P3’s highly accessible, business-focused editorial provides the perfect retail environment to communicate your brand message in pharmacy.

Written for the whole pharmacy team, P3 is distributed monthly to the pharmacist/pharmacy manager within all UK retail pharmacies ensuring total coverage for advertisers wishing to influence stocking, recommendations and sales of their products.

For full information on features, rates and promotional ideas please contact Ian Mogg, Sales Manager, on 020 7534 7218 or email ian.mogg@1530.com

Contact P3

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Editor: Carolyn Scott | 020 7534 7212 | carolyn.scott@1530.com

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