ABPI consults on Code of Practice

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry is consulting on proposals to change its 2016 Code of Practice.

Proposed changes include:

  • Updates to the Code to better reflect the central role of digital, including online communication
  • Changes to arrangements for the certification of materials and activities within companies
  • Updates to reflect regulatory changes, such as the introduction of conditional licences
  • Updates following changes to codes of conduct and guidance for health professionals.

The ABPI Code sets standards for pharmaceutical companies which govern the promotion of medicines, and also includes requirements for pharmacos when working with health professionals and patient organisations. It is administered independently of the ABPI by the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority.

The ABPI Code reflects UK law and incorporates requirements from both international and European pharmaceutical manufacturer association codes.

The consultation closes on Wednesday 10 October. The new Code is expected to come into operation in January 2019.


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