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What can you stop doing?

Decide if your time and resources could be used more effectively

Our time has come- or has it?

Mike Smith puts the world to rights… We have read much in the press lately that the time for pharmacy has come – but we must be careful that this is not another false dawn. It is clear from recent statements from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) that GPs wish to work with pharmacists and it is in the interest of all that this actually happens. GPs will benefit from the skills that pharmacy can bring to their practice and help to relieve some of the much publicised pressures experienced in GP surgeries. Patients will benefit from pharmacist input into the management of prescribing and compliance. But is this the right place for such activities, which must not undermine the role of good community pharmacies? I recently attended the UK Alphega Pharmacy conference, ‘The Chemistry for Success’, held in Telford.

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