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Work as a team to reduce risk

Set out to work as a team to minimise the risk of error.

Managing poor performance

Action must be taken to tackle an employee's poor performance

Presenting with impact

Practical tips for giving impressive presentations.

Negotiation skills

Use negotiation techniques to help to achieve your objectives.

Pressures in a busy team

Keeping everyone happy and working to their best of their ability when the pressure is on can produce positive results

Managing through change

Change is never going to stop, but we can all learn to work with it.

Be a good line manager

Would your team say you are a good manager? Here's how to improve

Essential Pharmacy owners need to check small print

Essential Small Pharmacies are being warned not to sign up to new arrangements until they've read the small print thoroughly


Entrepreneurial skills can be useful across all areas of a pharmacy business.

Free EPS updates for all pharmacy staff

Free training sessions to help community pharmacy staff get the most out of the EPS are being offered by the HSCIC

GPs need to give patients free choice of pharmacy, says NHS England

NHS England has written to GPs asking them to display a poster informing patients of their right to choose their pharmacy.

The 28-day challenge

Use the Stoptober campaign to reignite interest in pharmacy-based stop smoking services

Pharmacy could stop over 15 million GP visits says study

The report estimated one in six patients in the study could have been seen by someone else in the wider primary care team

Dispensing hubs won’t solve all of pharmacy’s problems

A number of issues are creeping up on pharmacy, but dispensing hubs are not necessarily the answer, says pharmacist Noel Wicks Comments from the English chief pharmaceutical officer at the recent Royal Pharmaceutical Society conference have certainly stimulated some debate. I can imagine that there was a pretty stunned silence in the audience when Keith Ridge declared that centralised dispensing hubs could fulfil twothirds of the country’s prescriptions. This was a pretty brave statement to make to a room filled with pharmacists, and I’m sure it didn’t remain silent for very long.

Call for GPs and pharmacists need to meet up more

Closer working with GPs to move some of the workload over to pharmacy can only be done through communication

Training is key to fighting off threats to your pharmacy

“We have a lot of threats coming at us. It’s important to ask yourself why people should make the effort to come to you?”

Not enough pharmacists completing Faculty applications

RPS has worked in partnership with Avicenna to release a step-by-step guide explaining the process

October in numbers

Looking at the news from October in numbers

Pharmacy is on the agenda says NHS England

Interest in community pharmacy is unprecedented says the deputy chief pharmaceutical officer of NHS England

Celesio launches donation campaign for refugees in Europe

Celesio has pledged to match employees donations to the Red Cross refugee campaign
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