The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee is in urgent talks with the Department of Health in an attempt to address serious issues affecting the generic medicines supply chain, it has said.

Generics shortages

PSNC says it recognises that contractors are experiencing “very great difficulties” sourcing a range of products due to factors such as stock shortages and pricing issues. It is seeking “immediate action” from the DH on market issues to tackle the difficulties pharmacies are facing, it said in a statement.

The organisation is urging contractors to continue reporting issues with generic medicines on its generic shortages form, and says these reports “form a very important basis on which prices concessions are agreed.”

PSNC member and contractor Mark Burdon said: “Like all community pharmacy contractors, those of us on PSNC are deeply frustrated and alarmed by the current medicines supply situation. PSNC alerted the Department of Health as soon as we became aware of the extent of the issues and saw the drastic impact on our cash flow.

“PSNC is seeking recognition from the Department of these cash flow problems and the fact that this is having a serious impact on our ability to deliver medicines to patients. We have explained that factors such as the removal of regulatory lag and the increasing use of branded generics by CCGs are combining to cause real problems with supply and prices, and said that we need action to ensure the resilience of the supply chain. Urgent discussions continue.”

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