LloydsPharmacy is piloting a scheme where PMR data is being used across the company to help pharmacy teams to support patients, Chris Frost, sales director at AAH told Avicenna conference delegates.

‘Overnight we take our PMR data into one big database to have one single patient view on all the differ interactions they have with us.’ The system helps pharmacy teams to see if a patient has any medicines issues, such as under compliance. ‘The PMR will print a report off for the pharmacist in the morning. It lists patients who are compliant and non compliant – and this prompts the patient to get involved when they come in and collect their medication.’

Pharmacists can then have a conversation with the patient to find out if more education about their medicine would help, if there are issues that need discussion, or if medicines reminders would improve compliance for that person. Across the group there is potential to see if there are drug adherence issues for particular molecules, and produce education support for pharmacists to use where needed.

Data is still coming through on the pilot that has been running for six months, but early results suggest ‘we do change compliance and we get more prescriptions from it,’ he said. Technology is increasingly the answer for larger chains to manage their stores, he said. ‘We trying to be more proactive,’ he said, adding that the company was happy to share information with independent pharmacy.

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