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Get pricing right in pharmacy retail

Why is it that most customers in pharmacy leave without an additional purchase? 

Driving sales to keep profit on track

Achieve retail success by following a few simple steps to improve your offer

How to build your child health category

Parents will welcome your professional advice on children’s health matters from minor ailments to lifestyle tips on healthy eating, exercise and mental health

Seven ways to encourage men into your pharmacy

Men are notoriously reluctant to visit their GP or discuss their health problems

Understanding customers makes business sense

Understanding customers by putting yourself in their shoes ensures your healthcare and retail offerings are aligned with their needs.

Ways to revive retail sales

OTC and retail sales is a revenue area you can influence. Remember how visible your retail space is to customers

How independent pharmacies can thrive

If your business model is not fit for purpose it will fail

Structured questioning at the counter

This looks at the process of questioning for giving advice or recommending a product

Ways to grow pharmacy sales

Take time to assess your pharmacy sales and plan for growth.

Is pharmacy seeing growth – and where?

Retail in pharmacy is on the up, but where do community pharmacists in the field see the real growth happening?

What is the key to making the online business model work?

Professor Evanschitzky suggests ways for retailers to help them adapt and survive in the post-digital world

We need to work together...

The futures of pharmacy and the wholesalers are inevitably linked, says Noel Wicks It’s funny how things change without you realising, and then suddenly one day it strikes you how different things have become. We probably notice it more with day-to-day things, like our children, when suddenly nothing seems to fit them anymore, and looking at our changing town centres, when you reflect on the shops that used to be on the high street. I had one of these moments the other day, about wholesalers. Thinking back to May 2000 when we bought our first pharmacy, there were the big three pharmaceutical wholesalers, but also a myriad of smaller regional ones as well. They each seemed to stock everything, whether regional or national, and the main differentiators were delivery times and discount levels. Those were simpler days, when you didn’t need a degree in quantum mathematics to work out what you were paying for a product.  

Listen to your customers

Warman-Freed Pharmacy in London finds out how tools such as the CPPQ can prove to be very valuable

Know your consumers’ rights

From a retailer's perspective, it’s worth understanding changes to legislation

Talking Shop: John Nuttall, chief executive of Well

John Nuttall, chief executive of Well, the new brand for The Co-operative Pharmacy, tells P3 about its future plans.

A flexible friend for retail

Twenty independent pharmacies have been trying out a new approach to maximising the retail side of their pharmacy businesses

Variety is the spice of life

Although pharmacy needs to focus on healthcare, new ideas might catch the customer’s eye, says Noel Wicks Is it just me, or has the scope of retail creep reached epidemic proportions? I can now buy a onesie when I fill up my petrol tank, book a restaurant while banking and take out pet insurance as I get my groceries (albeit I have to scan them myself these days). Although the idea of flogging stuff to a captive audience is not a new one, retailers are becoming increasingly diverse in what they offer their customers. In many cases, the products are a natural add-on: why wouldn’t you want a memory card or headphones with your new tablet? However, lately I’ve noticed more companies diversifying to the point of ludicrousness. Perhaps it’s the Christmas factor that’s emphasising this for me.  

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Why we can't continue to work harder and harder

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